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Teaspressa Classic Cocktail Cube Kit

Teaspressa Classic Cocktail Cube Kit

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Say "hello" to instant craft cocktails and "bye,bye" hassle! Create a mixologist-inspired craft cocktail instantly with Teaspressa's handcrafted, naturally infused flavored sugar cubes. Designed specifically for liquor and made with all natural ingredients containing only 10 calories, enjoy artisan spirits anywhere, anytime!

complete set of all of Teaspressa's mini LUXE SPIRITS Sugar Cubes: Manhattan, Moscow Mule, and Old Fashioned.

MOSCOW MULE: Cane sugar, organic ginger juice, natural lime, tartaric acid & organic ginger. Paired liquor: 2oz vodka + 3oz club soda + 1oz lime juice/wedge

MANHATTAN: Cane sugar, alcohol, gentian, natural flavors, caramel color, natural vermouth extract, black cherry extract. Paired Liquor: 2oz bourbon + stir on ice

OLD FASHIONED: Cane sugar, natural orange oil, spiced cherry bitters, tartaric acid, angostura bitters, orange peel & natural orange dye. Paired liquor: 3oz rye whiskey + stir on ice

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