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Q: How does Le Bouquet's flower subscription work?

A: You choose the plan that best works for you (weekly vs. monthly, wrap vs. vase arrangement, etc.), and we take it from there! We will create unique fresh flower arrangements and deliver them to the specified delivery address. Store pickup subscriptions are also available!

Ordering online requires full payment up front. For more flexibility, you can contact us to set up a more customized subscription.

Q: When will my flowers be delivered?

A: In the checkout process, you can select the day of the week you want the subscription to start on. Subsequent deliveries will be made weekly on the same day of the week. Delivery will be a one time charge based on the zip code of delivery address.

On the day of delivery, we will call the contact phone number for the delivery in order to coordinate a delivery time, espeically during the hotter months.

Q: A wrap vs. a vase?

A: Don't want to get a vase every delivery? Not a problem! We can do a wrap instead, which features an assortment of flowers and greenery but does not come with a vase. We wrap the stems of the bouquet with a foam water source and finish it with floral wrapping paper.

Q: What will the arrangement look like?

A: Each arrangement will be unique and handmade to order, so it will vary. You can select a basic color palette and let us know if you have any flower preferences, and we will build it from there!

Q: Can I purchase a flower subscription as a gift?

A: Of course! Flower subscriptions make for a great gift for someone you know that loves flowers.

Q: Can I pause my subscription?

A: Absolutely! If you need to pause before the next scheduled delivery, give us a call and we can certainly reschedule for a later time that works with your schedule.

Q: Can I cancel my subscription?

A: Yes, you may cancel at any point and we will issue a refund for the remaining balance.

Contact Us With Questions or Customization