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  • a single maile ti leaf lei hung over a silver candelabra
  • a single maile ti leaf lei with white dendrobium orchid blooms hung over a silver candelabra
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Single Maile Ti Leaf Lei

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Ti leaves expertly woven together to create a lei that is comfortable and all natural, with no wires or strings used to create it. In a single maile ti leaf lei, a ti leaf is placed into the weave every other turn. There is also the option to add white dendrobium orchid blooms.

Ti leaves and dendrobium orchids are a long lasting and your lei can last up to a week with refrigeration and moisture. Your lei will come in a sealed box that can be placed in the refrigerator.

***Please give us 2-3 days advance notice so we can ensure that we have the flowers and the time to make a beautiful lei specially to order.***