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Tiffy's Desserts

Bubby's Chocolate Bon Bons 24 Piece Tin

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Bubby's Bon Bons are a delicious treat for those who love sweets! This 24 piece assortment of chocolate bon bons has each confection individually wrapped in colored coded foil so you will always know the flavor you are picking up. The flavors are as follows:

Coconut (silver foil), Salted Caramel (gold foil), Peanut Butter (orange foil), Cookie Dough (light blue foil), Fudge (dark blue foil), S'mores (white foil).


Bubby's Bon Bons is owned and operated by Bryan "Bubby" Splittorff and his wife, Tiffany "Tiffy" Splittorff of Tiffy's Desserts, a local bakery in Scottsdale. Bubby's makes all of their confections from scratch, then they hand roll and dip them in chocolate. They don't use any preservatives, so it's best to keep them refrigerated. Bon bons will last 4 weeks and in the freezer for 4 months.